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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Thanks for stopping by. I won't be writing much until I snazz this thing up a bit, but I thought I'd begin with what, modern coporate jargon, is a "mission statement." I believe in the concept of Christendom, and as my blog title implies, probably half of my posts will be about that glorious if dormant institution. Here is a smathering of the themes covered under that topic:

1: Lack of joy in modern life. How about "Merrie olde America?"
2: The frustrating ugliness of architecture and planning, both sacred and secular.
3: The reclamation of lost lands to the shining Crown of Rome.
4: Nationalism and resubjugation of state to church.
5: The pansy Western male

So, I'll begin by dedicating this site to St. George, as I set off of slay a few dragons.
Guy Haraldsson.


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