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Sunday, June 13, 2004

A bishop actually makes a good decision

Cardinal Maida of Detroit allows the Tridentine Mass. Thank you, O great one, for your bottomless generosity in allowing Catholics to worship as they always have. Do you want me to kiss your ring now?

The article infers he didn't want to, but eventually had to, due to pressure from those whom I call "The Sane."

In a related article:

In my opinion, I think there is another key factor. The children here really like the Traditional Mass. When one looks down from the choir loft at the families, the children are praying, they are worshipping. Rarely is there seen a coloring book or other such thing in an attempt to keep them from being bored. Still another reason: many high school and college age students are attracted to the Tridentine Mass as it is celebrated here, because it is a beautiful experience, an experience which obviously the world cannot provide. A beauty which has been obviously lacking elsewhere in their lives.

You don't say ...


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