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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My pet peeve hymn

"Peace is flowing like a river"

"Peace is flowing like a river. Flowing out through you and me--.
Spreading out into the de-sert. Setting all the captives free. Setting all the captives free.

Joy is flowing like a river. etc...

Hope is flowing like a river. etc...

Love is flowing like a river. etc..."

What does this hymn mean? I think I may understand it better if I was high. Even if peace could, really or metaphorically, flow like a river, how would that set captives free? And why the desert? Is it because the desert is dry, and needs a peace river, or because the captives are there?

And would peace really set all the captives free? Think about emptying the jails were you live. That would certainly not bring about more peace. And, if the captives are sideways reference to something/someone else, what something is it, and why don't they mention it directly?

Why would this be in a Catholic liturgy? There is not theology, no reference to God, the Mother of God, or the saints. It also humanity centered - peace flows from you and me, no mention of peace or love originating with The Lord.

This feel-good, meaningless, granola-eating, effeminate piffle just has to stop. The next worst would be "Here I Am, Lord." I was at a Ukrainian Catholic church (one that I don't usually attend), and a children's choir sung it during the Eucharist. I almost passed out. I'll save the analysis for another day.


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