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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ordination; Canonization; Regulation

The Vatican is set to release a document ceasing ordination of homosexuals. Mercifully, with our new Holy Father, the text will likely be brief, the diction clear, and be treated as "rules" instead of "collegial suggestions."


Speaking of Holy Fathers, why the rush to canonize the last pontiff? While a decent idea in theory, this Modern Sainting Mania to push through anyone who died in a State of Grace distresses the trad in me.

Giving out Venerable, Blessed, and Saintly status without posthumous miracles is like awarding Purple Hearts without injuries.

As my pappy the deacon always says, "Canonizing doesn't make the Beatific Vision any more Beatific for the person in question."

Already we have so many. Ever have a conversation about St. Michael? "Which one? The Archangel, or The Ecstatic? Oh, you must mean the Nigerian one. No? Are you thinking of Pope Pius V? Sorry, it must be one of the eight dozen other Saint Michaels."

And, frankly, I want some proof a person is actually in Heaven before I start praying to them, for the good of my own soul.


Lastly today, the EU Court of Justice has approved bans and regulations on vitamins, remedies, and extracts. How long before the Euroligarchy tries to classify consecrated Hosts as "food supplements?" That way, they could show hate for God and freedom in one convenient little package.

Whoops. That was supposed to be funny, but it came out kind of creepy.


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