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Monday, March 08, 2004

Loving the East

I've been attending the Ukrainian Catholic liturgy every chance I get, which is about every two weeks. Last week I took the Eucharist there for the first time, and I goofed! Not opening my mouth wide enough, the priest whacked my tooth with the golden spoon they use. He gave me a little smile though, and I opened up wider for it.

Christ Pantocrator

Now I really feel homeless. I can't make the entire leap to Eastern Catholicism, I'm "Latin" deep down in many ways, but the Roman Rite is in such deep decay that it really doesn't provide me with any spiritual growth. And the Tridentine Mass, as practiced locally, is even more difficult to the uninitiated than the Ukrainian! The Ukies have English liturgies, and I'm comfortable enough with the missal now that even at all-Ukrainian liturgies I'm able to follow right along. But I can't even hear what the celebrant is saying at the TM.

So, I'll continue to be a refugee while my own house is under siege. Maybe I can come home once the Latins stop having patty-cake masses.


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