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Monday, March 15, 2004

Spain chooses suicide

So, Muslims did blow up that commuter train... and the Spanish electorate chooses a Socialist government. Why don't they just give the keys to Bin Laden right now? Choosing an effeminate, pacifist political party isn't going to make Muslim terror go away. In fact, now they'll smell weakness.

Victims of the "Religion of Peace," from Israel and Indonesia, respectively

Meanwhile, Spain fills up with mosques as its native sons waste their lives on Ecstasy and dancing to bad Euro-techno in tacky clubs.

"Oh, but the Moors were tolerant rulers who loved Jews and promoted learning." Okay... if you believe that one, I understand how that Nigerian fortune spam e-mail scam stays alive. The Moors deeply persecuted other religions, the alleged "great thinkers" were actually heretical in their stances toward Islam, and most of the wealth and leisure was taken from the native populations.

Islam is a parasite. It moves in to an area, then it sucks the life out of it and takes the credit for any good. Why do you think the Muslim golden ages are always so close to the original conquests? Because the religion just takes from the existing cultures, be they Christian, Zoroastrian, Hindu, or anything else, using up the intellectual and economic capital. They plunder their neighbors, use up treasuries, borrow and steal ideas from native populations... and when these resources dry up, they fall into decay and disrepair.

It's repeated over and over again throughout the Islamic world. Look at the Ottomans. They ate up the treasure and talent of Byzantium, and then they fell apart. The Moors sucked the marrow from Iberia, and crashed and burned. Islam conquered Persia, chewed through Zoroastrian culture, and fell into collapse and stupidity when it ran out of food.

Now they are doing the same thing to Lebanon. Once one of the richest and most free states in the Middle East, Syria and it's allegedly secular Muslim government use up the native genius and plunder its riches. As Lebanese Christians continue to flee, and the population becomes increasingly Islamic, we'll see within our lifetimes Lebanon become a barren wasteland of despotism, Islamic hegemony, repression, and poverty.

Spain, it looks like you're next. Be warned.


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