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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

And why a children's choir?

This needed it's own free-standing post. See below for what I am talking about.

Why a children's choir? There are only three reasons that come to my mind: gross, nauseating, sugary sentiment; a desire to involve children and keep them interested; some idiot parent or group there of think it's "cute" to see their kids sing.

Well, Mrs. Soccer Mom, the liturgy is not a school concert.

The liturgy is serious business; it's the closest you get to God here on Earth, unless you happen to be Bernadette, St. Joan, or one of the Twelve Apostles. Would you think a child mechanic working on your car is "cute?" How about an eight-year-old doctor diagnosing a lump on your arm? Would you hand Fluffy over to a pig-tailed, befreckled, four-foot-tall, elementary school-aged veterinarian?

And now let's consider what's more important: your car, your cat, your body, or God. We trust the first three to adults with degrees and experience, and some of us hand The Lord over to crumb crunchers. Why not ordain toddlers? Wouldn't that be darling. A whole liturgy performed by children. And the precious little vestments we could sew for them! Think of how much more felt we could cram into the churches!


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