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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hapsburg site; dating nonsense

Here's a great site dedicated to the Imperial House of Hapsburg.

For a site audacious enough to subtitle itself "Osterreich Uber Alles," they use the dating format "BCE" and "CE." Strange.

But maybe they're right. AD and BC are just too old-fashioned, and ... Catholic. I've got a few suggestions:

  • BW and WE. For Americans. "Before Washington" and "Washington Era." Before that, little important happened.
  • PP, PPP, and YPPP. For the Orthodox. "Prin (Before) Plato," "Prin Patriarchis Photius," and "Ystera (After) Prin Partiarchis Photius." Greeks love to be complicated. Or course, it's Julian.
  • ADR. For liberals. "Anno Domini (In the Year of Our Lord) Roosevelt." There's nothing before Roosevelt. If you say there is, you'll have to be re-educated.
  • PC and PC. For cChurchmen. "Pre-Conciliar" and "Post-Conciliar." This also has the advantage of being vague and imprecise, which they'll love.
  • SILSSITH. For Mussulman terrorists. "Since I Last Sent Some Infidel To Hell."


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