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Friday, April 08, 2005

iPope; Canadian monarchist; Yahoo Kung!

The iPope will take care of all your authority needs during interregnum. Depending on who's elected, you might need to hold on to it for a good few years.

Check out The Monarchist, a Canadian of the aforementioned persuasion. It seems pretty solid and has a good number of links. Not Catholic, but nobody's perfect.

I used to live near the Canadian border, and did a good deal of amateur traveling in the eastern half of the country, and gained an affection for its people. What goes on up there politically is a shame; in many ways, they're in worse shape than we are.

And I empathize with how many of them feel about the U.S.; it's a little akin to how upstaters view New York City - a southern neighbor who has scads of vitality and more wealth, but loaded with rude and haughty people and spreading a debased culture.

As an American, this ongoing monarchy discussion is largely armchair generalship. But for Canadians, the loss of the Crown is a real political issue.


Throne and Altar is now the 40th "most relevant" result, out of 482,000 possible results, at Yahoo for the search phrase "Hans Kung." Tee hee!


Blogger Spyder said...

LOL!!! Sick minds think alike!!
I just ran across yours today....

Sunday, April 10, 2005 6:14:00 PM  

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