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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Proof reporters still hide flasks

... just like in old movies.

"After a quarter-century of John Paul's strong personality and hands-on management style, some want Vatican officials to stay out of the day-to-day operations of dioceses. Others believe officials in Rome should stay deeply involved to crack down on dissent."

"Strong personality" is debatable. A better word might be "charming." But "hands-on management style?" Whoever wrote this is either drunk or mentally ill. If anyone believes in bishop collegiality, it's HH Pope John Paul II. What proof do you want - rainbow sashers, self-intinction, unpunishished clerical apostasy?

Where did people get this idea? From HH standing up for what popes have always stood up for, like a straight male priesthood and life for the unborn? If a pope adheres to baseline doctrine he's a new Torquemada in their minds.

Of course, please continue to pray for the repose of the Holy Father until and after his passing.

(Ahh ... Torquemada ... those were some good times.)


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