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Saturday, March 26, 2005

May the Force be with you

I haven't been posting regarding Terri Schiavo because I have nothing new to say that people smarter than myself haven't already said. I would just ask you to pray for the repose of her soul. I don't know what the state of her soul was before this happened, but after 15 years in agony, I hope she goes right to Heaven. I can imagine her parents were able to get her Confession and Last Rites, at least I hope so.

But I just had to post about this little boy who was arrested for trying to bring Terri water.

Check out the t-shirt. Star Wars font, "Jesus Christ." Pretty cool. Stuff like this usually strikes me as aesthetically Protestant, but I like this one.

I don't typically take an Old Dispensation view of the Lord and temporal punishment for evil nations in view of the New Convenant. But if the whole center-right federal and state apparati, and two allegedly pro-life Bush executives, one Catholic, can't pull out their testicles and put themselves on the line to reign in the evil of the Death Culture Nazis that have swarmed to this case, then I really don't see that we deserve any less than the Wrath of God.

Buy stock in locust repellent and ready the lamb's blood.


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