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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More cool blogs; Presbee humor

(I know I'm spoiling you with daily posts recently.)

The League has begun to bear its first fruits for T&A. Readership is up from a trickle to a quick trickle, and I've run across some great sites second and third-hand.

Traditio in Radice, via a comment here.
The Catholic Monarchist, via TiR.
Joseph Crisp's Monarchist Essays, via TCM.

It seems to be time to update the blog roll. There's a lot of sites to add, and more than a few bums to kick off.


Also, a joke, from my sister, who is usually too PC for this stuff:

A Presbyterian is at the horse track, losing terribly. But before the ninth race, he sees a Catholic priest walk out to the gate and bless the head and hooves of horse number nine, a 30-1 longshot.

The guy figures that his own strategies aren't working, so he decides to bet number nine.

The horse comes in first by two lengths! Ecstatic, the fellow starts planning his bet on the final race, when the very same priest saunters out and blesses the head and hooves of horse number four.

"If it worked once," the guy figures, "why not again?" So he bets the horse, and sure enough, it comes in first.

The next day he brings all his winnings and paces around anxiously to see if the priest is doing any blessings today. Just like the day before, the good father is out there, making gestures and speaking in Latin to one of the horses.

So the Presbyterian sees a big fat win, and takes all of his cash from the day before, and puts it on the blessed horse. But this time, the horse comes in last, galloping barely above a normal trot.

Incensed, the guy runs down to the rail and finds the priest, "What's wrong with you, father? I took all your picks yesterday, and lost it all when your magic didn't work today!"

The priest says, "That's the problem with you Protestants. You can't tell the difference between a simple blessing and Last Rites."


Blogger GFvonB said...

Great joke! I just wish you had posted it last week, before the Latin Mass picnic here. It would've been almost as big a hit as the Pope-Benedict's-favorite Franziskaner Wei╬▓bier I brought. And thanks for the link!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 10:16:00 PM  

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