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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Goobers of all stripes today; policy change

Via Dyspeptic Mutterings: Ted Nugent cries like a spoiled girl who has her own giant hunting ranch about the big, bad, rich Catholic Church and how you shouldn't give them money.

He can almost be forgiven that last bit of Protestant-tinged stupidity for naming his current tour "The Uncle Ted Remember The Alamo Rockout 2005." ... almost.


Have you ever been to Che-Mart? Your purchases are "Sweatshop guranteed."


Che-Mart has apparently been censored by Cafe-Press.

Did you ever notice that Cafe Press always pushes the Godless commie merch pretty hard? Well, according to Cafe-Press Watch, it's worse than that. Apparently, C-P finds it tolerable to intimate on a t-shirt that you want to kill non-Hispanics, but intolerable to intimate that you want to kill Hispanics. And on, and on ...


By now we all know that Yahoo helped China jail a journalist. Now, while some reporter jailing would help the U.S.A. immesurably, we can be assured China is doing it for the wrong reasons.

Also, it's old news that MSN in China blocked access to the search word "Freedom," and other horrible concepts, like "Democracy." Wait, that is a horrible concept.

Either way, T&A will be here-to-fore taking a cue from Cato the Elder, and ending every post with the same finger-pointing at the Yahoo-MSN-China love triangle, in hopes of getting banned by them. Well, one can imagine that we're already banned in China. This will continue until at least one banning takes place or it gets boring.


Yahoo and Microsoft are the lackeys of Godless, evil China and are therefore indirectly partake in responsibility for the death and repression caused by that evil block of humanity in Beijing. The higher ups of all three should expect to rot in Hell unless they make a good sacramental confession.


Blogger Inquisitor Generalis said...

It is kinda disappointing that Ted Nugent would say something bad about the Catholic Church. We normally like seeing Ted Nugent on TV. His carnivorous tirades are awesome.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:22:00 PM  

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