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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Churlish chicken wings; New "Best of"

In this county, the best hot wings within reasonable driving distance are made by a place called "Scubber's" (skoo-burrs), in the tail end of a wealthy bedroom community.

Expensive, but outstanding. Fat and meaty, very little skin, crazy hot, a high leg-to-wing ratio, fried not baked, and dry rubbed not sauced. Perfect! Worth the money.

Yet every time I go in there, the owner seems like he doesn't want my business. He's always frowning and grumpy, and acts as if taking my money is too much of a bother for him.

I've given him the Christian benefit of the doubt in the past, but on my last visit, I was served by someone whom I believe, by resemblance and her casual conversation with others, to be the owner's daughter. After this encounter, I can no longer tolerate Scowling Scubber's.

The wings are listed in lots of 10 on the price board. Now, many places will let you add a wing for a premium, by-the-wing price. Some pubs even sell wings per piece, a la the classic "Quarter Wing Nights." So I asked this young lady if I could order 15 wings.

"NO. You can have 10 or 20, not 15. They don't come in 15s," says she. And the glare ... that surly glare will be with me forever, it said: "If-it-was-legal,-I-would-hit-you-in-the-face-with-a-frozen-chicken-wing-repeatedly-until-you-cried-for-asking-such-a-stupid,-foolish-question,-and-wasting-my,-Queen-Precious',-time."

How about, "I'm sorry, I can't ring them up that way," or even just "unfortunately, no," with a nice friendly smile?

While buying a cone, I asked the nice fellow at the Carvel next door why Sir Scubber and Clan have such massive chips on their shoulders. Apparently, they are well-established and also view themselves as the Wing Supplier to the Wealthy. So, they care not if the lumpenproletariat buy their product.

Here's an actual photo from their web site of the grouch in question. Now, while he's better dressed than than, and not covered in goop, that is the expression he wears ... all ... the ... time.

I can broach no more of this. I will now eat inferior wings just to avoid these frumps.


The post on the Rochester vandals has been added to the "Best of T&A" list in the sidebar. No comments on that one? I thought some of the wordplay was outstanding, myself. Hopefully, there were at least a few groans in the audience.


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