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Monday, March 22, 2004

The whole world is against us, and itself

How can other Western nations side with the enemy? The Muslims have them slated for destruction as well. This includes Latin America.

Their problem, especially in formerly great Europe, is that they are jealous that we are on the top of the pile right now. But so what? We're the most vibrant example of Western Civilization there is currently, and their fate is inextricably linked to ours. If we go down, they go down next. Even if we weaken, foreign, hostile, and dishonest enemies (Islam and China being the biggest) get a leg up on their conquest.

As Chesterton notes, the chattering classes believe that "if you work to preserve your nation, you are a statesman. But if you work to preserve all of Christendom, you're just a crusader."

These sell-outs can be compared to Germany snuggling up to the Ottomans, the Byzantines making a separate peace with the Muslims (see how well that worked), or the French king jockeying for position during the late Crusades.

Speaking of France, many of these places aren't even nations anymore. I've been to France, just a few years ago. It's not a nation; it's a museum. For starters, no French live in it anymore. They're all Algerian or sub-Saharan African. The Frenchmen left are essentially museum-workers: tour guides, restaurant owners, and gift shop employees. Formerly vital structures like Notre Dame are practically vacant, taking in more tourists than parishioners. There is no vitality, no entrepeneurship, no industry, no big thinking, no vibrant classical culture... just death and dust and Americans willing to pay top euro to see it all.

The same fate is slated for all of Europe.


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