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Friday, April 16, 2004

A recent picture of Islamic tolerance

Another of the Religion of Peace's "Greatest Hits."

You probably didn't even hear about this, but that poor guy is an American civilian in Iraq. That's what they'll do to your family some day, unless you bow down on a prayer rug to Mecca. This sickening, deadly, corruptive, brutish, backward, oppressive, demon worship that passes for religion has to be obliterated. Now, I'd rather see them converted, to be sure, to anything else in fact, but as long as Islam draws breath, Christ's Church on Earth (and everyone else) is in constant mortal danger.

And it is demon worship. They don't pray to the same God that we do. "Allah" was the name of a pagan moon god in Arab society that Mohammed appropriated for his purposes. And he used to believe in the divinity of some of Allah's offspring, to curry favor with people, which he then changed his mind about. He then said that a devil has whispered in his ear and misled him, when he changed his mind. What kind person follows a man who admits that his spirituality has been tainted by demons? Could you imagine Christ making the same statement? Or Abraham?

If you pray to Apollo, or Odin, or Osiris, and your prayers are answered, who's answering them? Yahweh? I doubt it. So when you pray to Allah, who or what is answering your prayers?


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