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Monday, September 27, 2004

Happiness at church

*But first, an observation.* Listening to the radio news, some self-appointed community activist was unhappy that his school district appointed a new superintendent without the public input process. He said this was racist, because the district is 60% minority, and the school board was ignoring them. *60% minority?*

Anyhow, on to the main point. In a discussion the other day, I posited that it was Protestant to seek happiness during liturgy. This aroused some irritation from my family, who shouldn't be shocked by these things by now. My wife said that upbeat hymns and homilies are part of "modern Catholic worship." The next sentence redacted by the author, 03/23/08, for being particularly uncharitable.

Obviously, the novelty of all this happy-clappy baby food wears off, because nobody goes to church in America. And that's because it is spiritual baby food; it's not going to be satisfying to someone with a deep, unfulfulled spiritual hunger.

If you are satiated by it, you either don't know that there's anything else or are irretrivably shallow. All this "joyous noise" nonsense is all a humanist celebration of man. What kind of arrogant bastard actually sings "They will know we are Christians by our love?" Can you see St. Augstine doing that? The great doctor of the church worried constantly about the state of his soul. Our intent going liturgy should be atoning for all the horrible things we did all week, and preparing ourselves for communion with God - not patting ourselves on the back for being so good and doing a little jig in the pew.


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