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Friday, September 17, 2004

Vote Taco Bell, '04

The Associated Press reports (July 26, 2004) that a donkey named Taco Bell has been re-elected Mayor of Florissant, Colorado. As part of the 15th annual Heritage Days celebrated in the unincorporated town (located between Divide and Lake George), residents poked fun at the political process by electing the donkey as mayor. According to the AP report, Taco Bell won re-election against two no shows and a white donkey named Birdie. "We had one who was colicky, so he couldn't make it, and another one's trailer broke down, so he couldn't come either," said organizer Tracie Bennitt. The Pikes Peak Historical Society stuffed Taco Bell's ballot box with donations ensuring him a second term. Dagney Hales, 8, and Sam Easto, 7, fed the mayor wild goldenrod, green stalks with little yellow flowers, and Teller County Sheriff Kevin Dougherty swore in the incumbent. "This is good and rural," Dougherty said. "We love doing this kind of stuff."

From The Remnant.

I'd say the point is that Florissant can live without a mayor; but I had a "moderate" friend who saw it as a statement of how all politicians are asses, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, RTLs, Constitutionalists, Marijuana Reformers, etc. I hate equivocation.

Another article, which I didn't save, mentions how the liberal/conservative split in the Church isn't between two opinions, but between people who don't think we should have opinions on things, and people who do.


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