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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Free Charles Graner!

"There's a war on. Bad things happen." Exactly. This man is losing ten years of his life to protect the Bush Administration's reputation.

Muslims regularly beat their wives, kill infidels, destroy churches, and throw homosexuals off of cliffs. And they want Graner to get the death penalty for making prisoners masturbate? As always, the dirty, idolatrous, devil-possessed Islamofascists can "kiss my royal Irish ass."

And in this case, so can that candy-ass George W. Bush. If I was in charge of the Iraq war, I'd demolish every mosque in the country. And if anyone didn't like it, they could go to jail for ten years. Instead, Bush bends over and spreads his cheeks wide to receive the metaphorical manhood of the Islamic world.


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