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Monday, December 13, 2004

Watching "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss"

... I thought again about how much I hate having a job. My wife summed it up nicely: I'm not exactly lazy, but I don't like bosses and schedules and restrictions and responsibility and dress codes (which is especially odd, in that I enjoy dressing up when nobody forces me).

There's too much else to do - surf the internet, read, go to church, play games, travel, play with your pets, spend time with friends, anything.

Having always been a dreamer, I've become a bit of a radical. Cubicles, strip lights, wheeling and dealing, even telephones have always been a put-off to me. But now, I find I don't even like people who like to work, or like those things. The worst example is Donald Trump. A complete tool. But, there are all these yobs who love him as well. Businessmen are an American aristocracy, without the benefit of good taste, breeding, or refinement.

Nor have I ever gotten any real satisfaction out of work. It's always just been a means to feed myself. And I've always had jobs where the people around me seem to find that satisfaction, and even base their self-identity around their employment. This was especially true when I worked as an editor at a newspaper. Other editors and the reporters found some sort of pride in it. My wife also seems to get fulfillment from being a teacher. On-the-job emotional gratification is completely alien to me.

And at 28, it's starting to bite me in the backside. In lots of ways, I need to get on with life, make more money, and have more stability. But it's hard when you have an English degree, and don't have anything in particular that you want to do. In fact, what I want to do is put my feet up and smoke a cigar, drink a cup of coffee, and read a book.

And I see no way I can change; it's just my personality. If I wasn't fulfilled in radio, newspapers, or working for a nonprofit, I'm certainly not going to find it in a cube farm, another office environment, or any given blue collar job.


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