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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Memories of past grievances

I was reminded today of what a piece of crap Ernie Anastos is. I used to work at a radio station, and loved the job, which is rare for me. Then Anastos bought it from the owner and liquidated all but one employee.

That's bad enough, but the worst was how it was done. They took advantage of my youthful naivete to string me along, making sure they had the use of my services until the day of change. They kept telling me they'd find something for me, until the last day, when they told me I was out of luck. And I kept hearing about what a passionate friendly guy this jerk is, like the father from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." The new station manager told me how Anastos gives employees bear hugs and and just has so much joie de vivre. And then they dropped the hammer on me.

And when I go to visit relatives downstate, and I see his big shit-eating grin on the news, I just want to put my foot right through the TV.

I've found it takes me about 10 years to forgive and forget when the offender isn't sorry for what he did. I can forgive the contrite easily, but I just last year realized that I had finally forgiven high school bullies, and a man-hating boss I had at a part-time job in 1993. Maybe I'll forgive Anastos some day, but not yet.


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