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Friday, February 11, 2005

McNuggets; two Dappled Things; Red bishop

But not in that order.

From - Archbishop was a Red agent. Schweeet. Cardinal Sodano will no doubt find him very papable.

From - New "New Mass" translation, which incorporates the new GIRM. If the first thing you notice is all the "news," then you are a hatemonger homophobe reactionary who is afraid of change. Seriously though, it's a teeny-tiny step in the right direction, the right direction being throwing the Novus disOrdo out entirely. The NdO is going to change every five years anyway, so as Snoop says, "chill, 'till the next episode."

And, a new Old Rite priestly order has been founded. Good luck to all involved and God bless. In this case, the "new" is canceled out by the "old."

Speaking of McChurch, I noticed ten McNuggets costs $3.39. However, from the dollar menu, four McNuggets are just a buck. So ... I can buy ten for $3.39, or 12 for three bucks? Weeeird. What are the McAccountants doing? I think it's a hidden IQ test. The first employee to notice is made assistant manager.


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