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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Pistol-packin' mama; Ruthenians

Here's a great story about the founder of the "Million Mom March," being arrested on gun charges. Heehee! I love it when liberals are hypocrites.


And, while visiting my in-laws out-of-town, I fulfulled my Sunday obligation by attending a Ruthenian Catholic church in the area. It took a little research, but I found it. The church was an obvious former '70s Roman Neo-Catholic AmChurch. No icon screen, modernist stained glass, and Protestant architecture - but, they replaced the cross on the steeple with a three-bar cross, and hung a few mosaic icons and an icon-style crucifix, a la the San Damiano cross.

The Liturgy however, was very good and the folks were quite friendly. And, there was not a hint of a foreign accent anywhere. I don't mind the foreignness of the Eastern churches, but an American English Byzantine church would probably do better in garnering converts. Note to Latin Trads: Of course I want the Roman Mass back in Latin, but the vernacular is the tradition in the Byzantine East.

For those of you playing the Throne and Altar home game, that's four sui iuris Catholic Churches visited, 19 to go.


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