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Friday, April 15, 2005

Human cruelty

Sorry for the vagueness, but I'd rather not have the anecdote recognized.

I had an interview this spring with a Catholic business. It ran for three hours, in which they questioned me, I questioned them, and then I took a test, all in just about equal measure.

This was the middle of the week. They told me that if they wanted to see me for a second interview, they'd call by the following Monday. And if they didn't want me, I'd get some notification. Well, that Monday came and went. C'est la vie. End of story.

No. Three weeks later they call me, and want to see me again ASAP. This was the end of the week, so I scheduled it for the next Monday.

Boy was I excited! That weekend, I went out and charged a brand new $500 suit, because I really wanted this job and thus had to dress to kill.

The morning of, I get a call from the interviewer's secretary that she was called away unexpectedly. "When can we reschedule," asked I.

"She was in a hurry," said he, "she'll have to get back to you."

"Uh, um, OK."

One week later, I leave a message on the secretary's voice mail to see what's going on. One week after that, I send a nice enthusiastic letter requesting some sort of correspondence.

Almost a full month since my alleged second interview date, I get a form letter noting my "impressive qualifications" but that I'm not currently a "perfect fit." And it's not even from the same branch or signed by anyone I've ever met there. Wow.

So I'm crushed. To repeat: a Catholic business. Having previously been a second choice who got the job when the A-lister quit, I know better than to burn my bridges. But if I had any cajones at all, I'd send them the bill for that damn suit I couldn't even afford.


I'm taking advice. Right now I'm leaning toward a standard "Thanks for the opportunity" greeting card casually mentioning my disappointment in losing that second interview. Thoughts?


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