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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Norway; Genocide; Cousin luvin'

I apologize for the lack of posting; my computer is overun with spyware and my internet connection is always tenuous.

First, Happy Norwegian Independence Day!

Take that, Sweden. And don't you forget it.


Here's a good piece on Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide. This is why Islam will eventually defeat the West and the Rest: They stick up for themselves whether or not they're right. Whereas we excuse ourselves even when we're not wrong.


And, a slightly dusty article from WND detailing Islamic inbreeding. I was going to cob up a picture of some toothless folks from the Appalachians wearing NASCAR burkas and crescent-laden trucker hats, but that wouldn't be fair ... to the mountain men.

Hopefully, webbed fingers will make it more difficult to light shoe bombs.


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