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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mad mods; Link-splosion; Papal apology

The progressive, radical, and kook fringe of the Church is crying in its collective chardonnay about the election of HH Benedict XVI.

It's a Modernist Catholic Passover; "Why on this night do we eat bitter herbs?" "Because our forefathers were slaves in the pre-Conciliar Church. That is why we eat bitter herbs on Ratzinger Night."

This gets three and a half, out of a possible five, Happy Haraldssons.


A potpourri of links for your edification and entertainment:

An interesting list of micronations and tiny sovereign jurisdictions. Warning: Lots of little pictures. But before fleeing your alimony payments, make sure to delete the evidential link from your favorites.

Modern mummification for pets. Thank goodness. This is going to save me a lot of money on sea salt and myrrh.

CDs of Sister Marie Keyrouze. She performs Byzantine, Melchite and Maronite chant. French by citizenship, Maronite by birth, and Melchite by choice, her voice is ghostly and beautiful. The Melchite tonality is a little foreign to Western ears. T&A recommends her Maronite work, it plays in the half-hour before the local Maronite Divine Liturgy.

Tom DeLay slams Justice Kennedy for, among other things, doing his research on the internet. E-media hating teachers everywhere sensed a Disturbance in the Force when Kennedy used as one of his mandatory-minimum three sources.

New non-collectible card game based on "Army of Darkness." Another nifty niche title that my friends will snub their nose at while pining for yet another hand of Texas Hold'em.

Catholic Monarchist swag for sale (not by me) at Cafe Press.


I'd like to formally and publicly apologize to HH Pope John Paul II for rash comments made over dinner last night. Sometimes, the words "Vatican II" flip the Krazy Switch in my limbic system. Details are unimportant but it involved his job performance, not his personal sanctity.

I'm sorry.


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