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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Put yo' hands in the aiyr; Aristotle

File this under "H," for "Hair: Things that make you want to tear it out."

From an interview with hip-hop preacher Pastor Phil Jackson:

Q: Would Jesus like your style?
A: I think if Jesus were here today, he would be in the hip hop community.

Q: And what about the Pope?
A: Whether it's the Pope or a traditional Church, they worry that hip-hop doesn't reverence (sic) Christ.

What's a traditional church? The Apostolic MethoDutch Lutherterians?


And, on a related topic:

Three Catholics, three Jews, and three Baptists are stranded on a desert island. The Catholics set up the "Church of St. Mary's." The Jews set up the "Temple of Beth Israel."

The first Baptist sets up the "First Desert Island Baptist Church."
The second Baptist sets up the "Second Desert Island Baptist Church."
The third Baptist sets up the "Third Desert Island Baptist Church, Reformed."

Don't try to tell this one, it's funnier in print. Unless you're a really good joke teller.


From Aristotle's "Politics," one of the books that converted me to monarchism:

1276a 12-14: Some democracies, like tyrannies, rest on force and are not directed toward the common advantage.

1311a 15-16: Taking after democracy, tyranny makes war on the notables in the citizen body.

1312b 35-38: Ultimate democracy, like unmixed and final oligarchy, is really a tyranny divided [among a multitude of persons].

1313b 32-41: The final form of democracy has characteristics of tyranny: women dominate in the household so that they can denounce their husbands, slaves lack discipline, and flatterers—demagogues—are held in honor. The people wish to be a monarch.


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