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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Links; link manager; the border; Muslim on TV

The blog roll has been gutted and restuffed, kind of like a four-point buck.

Sites tend to get rolled around here if they strike me as interesting, show a simpatico with T&A, link to T&A themselves, or sometimes just as a shameless clamor for reciprocation.

But when the roll gets too chubby, weight loss is in order. For non-religion blogs, which are few on the list, the lone criterion is personal taste. But there are so many Catholic bloggers, they can't all fit.

Thus here is the new point scale for T&A papist blog rolling:

Latin Trad: +1 (+2 if female)
Eastern Catholic: +1
Culturally retrograde: +1 (+2 if female)
Geek content: +1
Monarchist: +2 (+3 if female)
Anti-Islam: +2
Humorous: +2
Unusual style: +3
Unusual content: +3
Informative: +3
LoET member: +3
Low profile (Needs the link): +4
Links to T&A: +5


High profile (Doesn't need the link): -5
Too many family pictures: -4 (-5 if female)
Neo-Catholic: -3
Generic (Dude, we've read Chesterton): -2
No humor at all: -1
Too much routine politics: -1
Defunct: -1 point per postless month to today

10 points was the number used to cull the cream. I score a 17 on my own system, well ... a 19, because I find myself hilarious.

It must be said that Chesterton still rulez-with-a-Z (or "roxx-with-two-Xs" for you old-school types).


Incidentally, does anyone know of a good link manager, a la Blogrolling, but for non-blog links?


New Hampshire town uses trespassing laws to fight illegal immigration.

Two paragraphs stand out:
  • In a state that is 96 percent non-Hispanic white but that has been seeing a rise in its Hispanic population, Chief Chamberlain's idea was born a year ago when he encountered a van with nine illegal immigrants from Ecuador. The federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he says, was not interested in arresting them. Congrats to the reporter for finding a slick way to allege racism with no proof.
  • Judge Runyon seemed somewhat concerned ... Am I going to determine whether someone is here legally or not?" he asked the prosecutor. "Isn't that what the federal immigration system is for? Is it for part-time district court judges like me who know nothing about immigration and arguably nothing much about anything else either?" Either Judge Runyon doesn't think before he speaks, or is the first local judge ever to have a great sense of humor.


A Muslim fellow on Big Brother 6, who seems like a decent guy, made the following statement the other day (paraphrased): "I feel kind of bad because many of the things that you have to do to win are against my religion. Islam teaches you to tell the truth and be nice to people."

Whoah there, Skippy.

The look my wife gave me was priceless.


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