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Friday, March 04, 2005

Mani-TV-ans; Episcopal flabbiness

One of my favorite ongoing "light hobbies" is sending polite but sharp emails to AmChurch priests and bishops when they do something wrong that makes the news. I always include my real name and state, and address them with respect. But it's really easy to get under their skin. They usually won't write you back, and I don't know how many bishops even see them, but I will now and then get a seriously incensed letter from a priest.

Then I write back, pointing out how much more courtesy I showed them. So far, one wrote me a nice conciliatory note, and we exchanged a few interesting emails. But usually I get another hostile letter or no further communication.

I just fired off a nice one to the bishop who wants Terri Schiavo to forgive her murderer before he murders her. My email praises him for restoring my faith in the mediocrity of the American bishops. But it's very respectful.

If you really want to get under a McChurchman's skin, ask him why he is prominently displayed on the web site and Jesus/the Blessed Mother are nowhere to be found. And If you really want to piss him off, point out that Eastern Catholic and Latin Trad clerical web sites are loaded with the Holy Family.


In other news, I ran into an old friend the other day, whom I hadn't seen in three years.

He told me hasn't had cable in a decade, which I never knew. And then Michael Savage had a rant about how much he hates TV.

I don't watch a lot of TV; and I'm not accusing my friend of this, because he said he watches a lot of DVDs; but it seems that people think it makes them morally superior to dislike TV or spurn it as somehow evil. I just had an epiphany that these people are no different than the anti-alcohol Manicheans. Physical objects are neither good nor evil, it's what we do with them, and it's the same thing with TV. In fact, as a Catholic and believer in the general goodness of creation, I will go as far as to posit that TV is a good thing. Just don't abuse it. And yes, most TV does stink.


Related to my last thought, what is up with people who don't like drugs? Have you ever had someone tell you they didn't like codeine after dental work?

  • Did it make you sick? "No."
  • Did it take the cares of life away? "Yes."
  • Did it make you feel good? "Yes."

So why didn't you like it? You DID like it, you just think that not liking drugs makes you appear to be a better person, you smug bastard. Everybody likes drugs, that's why they call them "drugs."

Not that I'm pressing for people to take more drugs. I'm down to a pot of coffee a day and a few six packs a month. But please don't be one of these braggart Pharisee jack-asses who condemns morally neutral physical objects or pretends not to like something your body is hard-wired to like. It's just way too Protestant.


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