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Monday, March 07, 2005

Long live Christ the King!

As it happens, I displayed an eensy-weensy bit of hypocrisy. Reading my last post over yesterday made me realize that I don't have a picture of Jesus or the Blessed Mother on my page, either. That's the hypocrisy - what makes it "eensy-weensy" is that I don't have a picture of myself on here, and don't have apostolic succession.

So, we now have a vibrant Hungarian Christ the King adorning the sidebar. Quite beautiful.

Some of you may be concerned about the aesthetics here at T&A. At first glance, everything certainly seems to fit well with the stained glass theme, but I can't let these pressing questions go unanswered.
  • "But I thought you practiced in the Byzantine Church now! Stained glass doesn't jibe with that." Glad you asked. Stained glass is verboten with icons, which I don't display. Even if I had them, jpgs can't cast colored sunlight on them, anyway. And stained glass roxxs with two x's. That means it's even cooler than something that rokks with two k's.
  • "Where's St. George? He's your declared patron." He'll be here eventually, but Christ is more important.
  • "So, you're a Mohawk-Norseman from New York who born a Latin, attends a Ukrainian church, uses Western decorative schemes, and now you throw Hungarian art in here? Isn't this a little polyglot?" You forgot that I 'm an Anglophone, and don't speak Norwegian, Mohawk, or Ukrainian. Yes, it's a little polyglot. Hey, I'm just as Blood & Soil as the next guy, but what choice is there for an American? We're all rootless and have little spiritual or clan leadership. So I have to cobble together the best High Culture I can, with those things to which I have access. At least I didn't spell choice "choise."


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