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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Addition to the style book

(At some point, I'll cobble together an actual style book for T&A.)

From here forward, the official T&A scornful modifier for our opponents will be "c." As in, "cChurch," "cCatholic," and "Novus cOrdo."

Now, now, I know that there are some good ones out there, like "Novus disOrdo." Also, other folks seems to prefer "AmChurch," and it seems that "NeoCatholic" has reached a point of standardization. They're all great, and they'll get some use when "c" doesn't have the right connotation. But "c" has not just the advantage of a cool graphic, but is also universally applicable as a standard prefix.

I want to make explicitly clear that this does not apply to all our gentle brethren who worship in the New Rite, no matter my aesthetic preferences. And it definitely doesn't refer to our venerable and courageous priests and deacons who practice in the New Rite. But it is aimed at radicals, specious compromisers, wimpy moderates, indifferent laity, felt banners, liturgical dancers, and altar girlism. Maybe not the young ladies themselves, but certainly the institution.


And be on the lookout for cool new bulletin headline graphics for some of my favorite whipping boys. You can be sure that cChurch is in there.


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