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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Upcoming photoblogging; Two Cents on Ten Bucks

Inspired primarily by the on-going photoblogging at Fr. Tucker's Dappled Things, T&A has decided to do a little of its own. Forthwith we will have an evolving photopost dedicated to deceased consumer product lines.


The Federal Reserve is releasing a new ten-spot. Rather tasteful, actually. It doesn't have the "Monopoly money" feel that one gets from some of the other designs.

Hamilton ... accused of being a monarchist, and was said to distrust republicanism ... really he was an oligarchist, if we want to be Aristotelian about it. He wanted a small cabal of financiers and (secondarily) landed gentry to run the country.

How he intellectually reconciled the patroon system (which he helped cement) with the idea of a "merchant republic" one can only guess. So much for natural rights ... or consistency.

Has anyone heard of the Anti-Rent War? It may be one historical episode that could unite distributists and libertarians. The War is a cute part of Upstate New York history about which I'd imagine most folks have no cognizance.


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