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Sunday, June 13, 2004

A bishop actually makes a good decision

Cardinal Maida of Detroit allows the Tridentine Mass. Thank you, O great one, for your bottomless generosity in allowing Catholics to worship as they always have. Do you want me to kiss your ring now?

The article infers he didn't want to, but eventually had to, due to pressure from those whom I call "The Sane."

In a related article:

In my opinion, I think there is another key factor. The children here really like the Traditional Mass. When one looks down from the choir loft at the families, the children are praying, they are worshipping. Rarely is there seen a coloring book or other such thing in an attempt to keep them from being bored. Still another reason: many high school and college age students are attracted to the Tridentine Mass as it is celebrated here, because it is a beautiful experience, an experience which obviously the world cannot provide. A beauty which has been obviously lacking elsewhere in their lives.

You don't say ...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Anti-Christian Liberties Union

I read that today in a news story, and I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself. It's such an obvious wordplay, now that I've seen it.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Goodbye Hamilton, or FDR!

Sen. McConnell wants to put Reagan on the 10-dollar bill. And if that doesn't fly, we'd either replace FDR on the dime, or make half the dime have Reagan.


Hamilton and FDR should both be off, simply for being power-hunger centralizers. And although Hamilton as a monarchist, it was for the wrong reasons. Hammy also helped promote the unjust patroon system here in upstate New York. Of course, FDR was just an awful socialist pinko who prolonged the Depression, broke the two-term precendent, and saddled U.S. workers with Social Security.

Monday, June 07, 2004

A new personal low

I got up this morning, and after surfing the web, settled into the Wayne Brady show. A repeat, no less. One of the dangers of being a home worker.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Reagan dies; brainlessness continues

Originally I was just going to say goodbye to Ronald Reagan, one of our top three presidents, ever. But I just can't get over all the dumb, ignorant, stupid comments floating around about the Reagan legacy.

Rest in Peace

His economic program worked, he spent a lot of money because he had to in order to defeat the Evil Empire, he wasn't a dummy, and he didn't practice astrology. You'd have to be a retard to believe otherwise. I think the reason I liked Reagan was because he was one of the few Americans out there who wasn't a complete retard.

So, he wasn't Catholic, supported the War on Drugs, and had too much faith in the American people. But other than that, he was an unimpeachable president. One of the few we've had with testicles since women were allowed to vote - and probably the last of that kind.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Citizen loyalty

I've long held that Americans hold no moral debt of obedience to the government. I also believe in the longstanding Catholic teaching that "obedience is due to rightful princes." Now, allowing for the word "prince" to mean "governments in general," what will I have to say to prove the illegitimacy of our regime?

1: That the Constitution, and thus the social contract, has been broken repeatedly and in bad faith by the government?

2: That the U.S. does not, and has never, been a professional Catholic state and is therefore not acknowledging the social Kingship of Christ?

3: That the government repeatedly breaks the natural law?

4: That Abraham Lincoln and the Federal Army succeeded in overthrowing the established sovreignty of the individual states, our alleged "rightful princes?"

5: That the Constitution, in a "pen-and-paper revolution," overthrew the Articles of Confederation, which, when signed, became inviolable?

6: That the U.S., legal colonies of England, waged war against supposedly "rightful princes?"

7: That Protestant usurpers, who eventually settled the U.S., stole the English throne from its rightful Catholic occupants?

I would draw the line here. English legitimacy, and that of its daughter nations, has never recovered from the Protestant theft. This crime has made those that came after it simply offenses against previous offenses.

Until our leader is at least legitimized upon taking office by the Pontiff, and the state acknowledges the social Kingship of Christ, Americans are free to disobey. Of course, the important laws are already enshrined in Catholic teaching, and we are thus bound to those teachings. But it's the Church's laws we should obey, which simply overlap with much of secular law. Those man-made laws outside of natural and Church law are simply optional, like intellectual property, taxes, smoking regulations, or seatbelt laws, for example.