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Monday, March 27, 2006

My dad is stronger than your dad!

Posted on an Eastern Catholic Board:

"Just who is, and who is not, 'Orthodox' is a great sport on many 'Orthodox' forums. More 'Orthodox than thou' is a common trial. It is all a variant on the 'My Dad is stronger than your Dad' theme. Other examples are: 'My calendar is older than your calendar' or 'My praxis is stricter than your praxis' or 'My schism is more recent than your schism' etc. etc. etc."

What jolly good fun! How about:
  • "My priest's vestments are frillier than your priest's vestments!"
  • "My indult parish is more oppressed by the diocese than your indult parish!"
  • "My Distributism is more equalitarian than your Distributism!"
  • "My eye's splinter is a lot smaller than your eye's!"

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another quick note on returning

It seems that there are folks out there who've put T&A in their links section, and others who haven't taken it out despite the five month unannounced hiatus.

Since the idea for returning was floating around anyway, this growth in linking during a dead period was quite flattering and has inspired a quicker return.

Secondly, the blog roll is being re-done from scratch and we do hope to get the old friends, aquaintances, and occasional worthy sparring partners re-listed, with some new faves. Please don't be offended if you aren't on there, or on there yet. We're taking our time.


Throne and Altar 3.0

Time for another re-invention.

New! Bigger, better, faster! Shinier!

Highbrow snark!
LESS: Lowbrow snark!

MORE: Philosophy!
LESS: Geekery!

MORE: Biting commentary hidden in fiction!
LESS: "Blah-blah" about the blogger's life!

And never again updated with trivial nonsense simply because the author felt an obligation to post a few times per week!

Everything the fans have clamored for ...
coming soon to to a monitor near you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Shall we return?

Looks that way. There hasn't been anything interesting to say for the last five months ...

... there's no other reason for the unannounced shutdown. If only everyone was quiet when they weren't feeling interesting.

Will let you know as things progress.


Oh, and thanks for remembering me, and stopping by!